Crack the reading code!

Want to be one of the very first families in the world to try out the English version of the Scandinavian success, and find out what all the fuss is about?
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Poio provides a new and innovative way of learning to read. We started off in Norway just over a year ago, and have already grown into becoming Scandinavia’s #1 digital reading tool for children.

Give your child a good start!

Poio is a storybook, a game platform and a new inventive method of helping children crack the reading code. 

Our game boost your child’s self-esteem. And unlike our competitors, we do not merely digitise school-books and tasks, but rather focus on creating a safe and fantastic game environment that children want to explore. Our goal is to ignite your child’s inner motivation for learning to read. 


A physical storybook
Poio is the name of the main character in the storybook, a troll that cannot read. The main objective in the game is to help Poio read the storybook. This is done by collecting words in the game and co-create the book by reading for Poio. When the book is completed, parents can buy and give their child the actual printed book as a reward - and enjoy their first book read by their child. The playful game initiates the child’s interest, then we slowly move their attention towards the mystery of the story and reading the book. All test families will get a free copy of the book during the spring of 2018.

The service
Our service includes email progress reports to parents, with advice on how to talk with your child about the game and the learning process. As a result, Poio often contributes to a positive relationship between parents and children, rather than the frustration many parents experience with traditional homework. The goal is to make children enjoy and master reading on their own terms, together with their parents.

By introducing your child to Poio, we promise that they will have more fun than ever while learning how to read! Want to prove us right or wrong?
Apply to become a test family!

The history of Poio

The inventor of Poio is Daniel Senn. A Norwegian father, teacher and tech-expert who quit his job to find a better way for children to crack the reading code.

The backdrop is a personal story. In 2012, Daniel and his wife had a son born with a hearing disability. They knew that he would require more, and better, assistance to master the skills of reading. However, they wanted to make it a fun journey cracking the reading code.

Daniel first invented a paper based game with his two sons to practice letters and words on the kitchen table. The imagination of his sons was the guiding inspiration for rules, story and visuals. The playful hours at the kitchen table soon evolved to creating games on the family tablet. And finally, to the full-scale gaming platform we now know as Poio. With animated trolls and figures named and voiced by Daniel himself and the two boys.

Poio was first launched in Norway during the summer of 2017, and then in Sweden a year later.
As of fall 2018, more than 50.000 Scandinavian children have used Poio in the process of learning to read, and the number is growing every day!

 Daniel with his two sons, Aksel and Leon.

Daniel with his two sons, Aksel and Leon.